The Bee project: “The Last Bee”


A few weeks ago, I ran into Petra Rau‘s bee project,
an art project that is trying to get more awareness for the disappearance of honey bees in the world.
Trying to get to the cause of the death of the bees
is not just a left-wing animal activist idealistic principle.
If honey bees disappear,
we humans will get in trouble with our food supply
and food variation.
We need to understand that
and make those that don’t,
understand it as well.

So, this contribution to the project is me
calling out to the world:
“Wake up!
We don’t want this to be our last bee!
It can’t be!”

The project can use more artists.
If there is enough good work,
there will be an exhibition in Hamburg, Germany.
For questions, you can contact the gallery:

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One comment on “The Bee project: “The Last Bee”
  1. Riet says:

    Wat heb je dat mooi weergegeven: that can’t be!

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