A witch’s visit

This afternoon I was a bit tired from the business side of my business.
There’s just so much to think about all the time,
so many things to do and learn,
so many choices to make.

So I put aside my business’s business
and sat down for a little sketch.

And guess what?
This little witch came to visit me…

“Little Witch” – © Mandy van Goeije, 2013

It’s so relaxing to just dip a pen into some ink
and let the tip squiggle on paper to the rhythm of some music.
From those lines so often something comes to life on paper so easily.
It’s exciting and relaxing at the same time.
Then to softly stroke the ink drawing with some watercolour
and see how the colours flow and mix…

For me this is just the best way to my mojo back.

Sometimes people say all your drawings have meaning,
that they all mean something.
If that’s true, I must believe in witches…
in kind ones, though… ;-)

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Behind the scenes…

It may seem a bit quiet here these days.
But behind the scenes
I’m very hard at work.
I’ve finished my first online workshop! Yay!
It will be online soon!!!

But today I also uploaded some of my work on Etsy:

There’s more to come in the next coming days!!!
Oh and …pssjt…
a little secret…
There will be a holiday giveaway!!!
So, if you like my work,
make sure to follow my blog the coming weeks!

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Eye candy…Speedpainting my first 2013 X-mas card

For some reason
I nearly forgot to paint new Christmas cards this year.
Nearly. But not quite.


“Watching snow fall” – acrylics and paper
© Mandy van Goeije, 2013

 This is the first Christmas card for this year!
And I have at least one more scheduled for this week!

If you want to see my painting grow…
you can watch the video:

Prints and cards are available for purchase.

Prints can be ordered here on Etsy,or, directly with me, through an e-mail.
They are giclee printed on museum quality paper
with archival soy-based inks to ensure durability and wonderful lasting colours!
They’re printed on A4 sheets
with white space for easy framing.
The image size is 17x17cm.
Prints are € 20,00 each plus shipment.
Prints will be shipped within 3 workdays after payment’s been received.

After Christmas card #2 is ready,
Christmas cards will be sold in a set of 4,
existing of 2 of the above card and 2 that are in the making,
each 13,5 x 13,5 cm, plus snow white envelopes.
The sets will be € 8,00 each plus shipment.
They will ship as soon as they arrive from the printer,
which will be by half November.

Prints are available immediately.

Payment can be made through bank transfer or PayPal.



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Expert directions…

So, what do you do in a fall break
where the weather is clearly stating
that summer has fallen?

Exactly, you take your little expert
straight into your studio
and get down to some serious painting!


Nevynn at my painting desk…in hyper focus mode!

And better be careful next time I go out…
there’s giants everywhere!


“Nevynn’s Giantess” – © Nevynn, 2013 (Mind you, she insisted on claiming full copyright!!!)

Mommy, she said,
why do you never paint with just ordinary blue and red?
Hah! There she got me.
Why didn’t I?
And so I did.
Being cold outside and all
this little winter clad creature appeared
under the strokes of my brush…


“Winter’s Coming”, acrylics on 18x24cm canvas – © Mandy van Goeije, 2013

Winter’s coming!
It sure is!
But fortunately
I’ve already got another creature
growing on a new canvas!

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A great way to learn…

How do you learn to draw your life?
That’s a question I get a lot.
The answer is
that there is more than just one way.
Way more!

One way is this:


“In the Shadow” – journal page, acrylics and mixed media

What I do on a regular basis,
is scour the library for really beautiful picture books
for inspiration.

Last Saturday I picked “Zzzzz….Slaap Lekker”
(In English: “The Book of Sleep”)
by Il Sung Na,
a truly awesome picture book
that deserves a spot in any picture-book minded book case
especially for its beautiful art.

Because that is what illustration can be,
As can be telling your life in drawings and paintings.

So what I do,
is bring home such a beautiful picture book
and then sit down with it
to study materials and techniques used.

In the case of “The Book of Sleep”
I loved the mixed media,
the layering
and the formidable color compositions,
often positioned against the dark.

Then I sit down behind my drawing table with what I learned,
think about what theme in my life I want to say something about
and get my fingers dirty.

Now, the trick is
NOT to copy.
Copying is pretty much making yourself a coloring page
and then coloring between the lines.
Nothing much artistic or even creative about that.
The trick is to exercise your skills
and apply them to YOUR OWN story
and YOUR OWN imagery.
If you do that diligently,
you will learn more than you ever thought possible…

Oh, and if you want to see what “The Book of Sleep” is about,
Stay put for just under 5 minutes for this video:

And if you fell in love with the book
as much as I did,
you might like to download this desktop theme

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This weekend my brother and his l♥ve made me a brand spankin’ new auntie!
How special that is…


“Rosalie” – acrylics and mixed media on paper

So proud of them…

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IF: “Underwater”


“Drowning” – © Mandy van Goeije, 2012

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The Bee project: “The Last Bee”


A few weeks ago, I ran into Petra Rau‘s bee project,
an art project that is trying to get more awareness for the disappearance of honey bees in the world.
Trying to get to the cause of the death of the bees
is not just a left-wing animal activist idealistic principle.
If honey bees disappear,
we humans will get in trouble with our food supply
and food variation.
We need to understand that
and make those that don’t,
understand it as well.

So, this contribution to the project is me
calling out to the world:
“Wake up!
We don’t want this to be our last bee!
It can’t be!”

The project can use more artists.
If there is enough good work,
there will be an exhibition in Hamburg, Germany.
For questions, you can contact the gallery: info@faszination-art.de

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Inspiring Sunday…

What a lovely Sunday it was!
I actually took the whole weekend off!!!
How awesome after such hard work.
And we got to see some loveliness of the season too…

Gossamer wings

The shine on the wings is so beautiful…

Just look at that face!!!

And then these lovely mushrooms popped up…

Don’t know what these are, but they seem edible…

The drama of the cascading texture…love these!

So intricate.

And just look at this one’s fur!!! Velvet…suede…gorgeous!

And ever seen these? These were soooooo tiny…just little pin heads…the biggest only half a centimeter tall…

And how fairy-tale like is this little spider heaven…?


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“Die letzte Biene, La dernière abeille, The last bee, De laatste bij”

In progress…
“Die letzte Biene/La dernière abeille/The last bee/De laatste bij”
for Petra Rau‘s project to bring the sudden disappearing of honey bees under our attention.




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